Quansoo Farm



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Phase 2 

Phase 2 Photos By: Stonehurst Media

The Mayhew-Hancock-Mitchell House at Quansoo Farm dates back to sometime in the mid seventeenth century. The Farm sits along the Martha's Vineyard coastline and hasn't changed much in the last three hundred years. The homestead is said to be the oldest house on the island. It's original construction is one of five wattle and daub houses remaining in the United States. Wattle and daub consists of woven lattice of wooden strips (wattle) and a sticky clay material of soil, clay, sand, animal dung, and straw (daub). Quansoo Farm is a preserved property owned by the Sheriff's Meadow Foundation. The Foundation's goal is to conserve the natural, beautiful, rural landscape and character of Martha's Vineyard for present and future generations.

The Sheriff's Meadow Foundation began the restoration of Quansoo Farm in 2013 with the collection of materials and a structural evaluation of the house. In September 2014, Early New England Restorations began the restoration of the Mayhew-Hancock-Mitchell HouseWith the installation of a  65'x80' tent over the house, our crew will be able to continue through the winter months. Read More About the Project: Vineyard Gazette Article

Archaeological Fieldwork

Video By: Martha's Vineyard Productions

Horse Logging